Creating Better Medication Histories… In a Snap

In a busy clinic there is often inadequate time to devote to detailed patient medication history taking. Patients can easily become confused in managing their many medications, yet determining whether they have possession and a correct understanding of their pill regimen can be time consuming, difficult and prone to error. When medication history errors occur, readmissions and overall costs are increased. A quick, easy, and accurate method for improving the quality of medication histories in clinic and triage environments is needed.

MedSnap ID combines an easy to use computer vision app and a durable vinyl Snap Surface, allowing nurses, doctors and pharmacists to develop a more comprehensive medication history from the actual pills that the patient is taking. By having patients demonstrate what they actually take to their clinician, the common gaps in patient understanding become apparent and can be addressed. Using MedSnap ID, clinicians are able to “Snap” the pills first hand and in seconds receive a full picture of their patient’s medication regimen in a way that is time and cost efficient. MedSnap ID expedites the history taking process and also provides quality information about the patient’s actual behavior which can make a significant difference in outcomes.  MedSnap ID data can be securely integrated into electronic health record systems, further increasing clinician time savings.

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