With a snap, app identifies any pill

The internet can be a great tool for anyone to learn more about their health conditions and the treatments that may be best for them, especially with personalized platforms such as Medivizor. Now MedSnap ID aims to help patients to accurately identify pills to ensure they take the right ones.

Users first place the medication they want to identify onto a precision imaging surface that comes with a subscription to the MedSnap ID service. Multiple types of pills can be placed on the surface before the user takes a photograph with their smartphone. The app instantly recognizes the pills by matching them with images in its database, bringing up data such as name, use, dosage recommendations and other important information. Patients with multiple prescriptions can ensure they know which pill they’re meant to be taking, and doctors can use it to quickly identify unlabelled pills in their inventory. The app has also been designed to work without an internet connection, making it useful for health professionals operating in remote areas or in the field.

Users can choose between a pay-as-you-go subscription for USD 7 a month, or an annual membership for USD 70, and have a choice between the USD 20 portable imaging surface and the USD 30 premium surface with protective covering. Could similar identification technology be useful in other industries?

Website: www.medsnap.com

Contact: www.medsnap.com/contact-us

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