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Keynote Speaker Daniel Levine Talks Visual Recognition Apps

The trends expert explains how these apps are changing the way we seek information.

The celebrated trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is reporting on the growing number of smartphone apps that use visual recognition systems to enhance everyday lives.

Using the camera that’s built into most mobile devices, these apps enable users to record an image and identify what it is, drawing from extensive proprietary databases. While the technology is not particularly new (apps like Shazam have been helping users identify unfamiliar songs for years), it is getting far more powerful and pervasive, inserting itself into our everyday lives.

Apps are not identifying consumer items, like clothes, wine and medications. Click on Snap Fashion, for example, and you can identify the make of a dress, the designer, and where to purchase it. A similar concept exists for wine. Snap a label using Hello Vino and you’ll immediately discover ratings, taste profiles, and other useful advice. Have a bunch of assorted pills loose in a bag? MedSnap recognizes and sorts different types of medication, notifying the user of critical information such as type, dosage, and frequency.

“Recognition apps reflect a growing demand in our society for not just information, but accurate information, delivered quickly,” said Daniel Levine as a keynote speaker at a recent conference, “Consumers aren’t willing to guess or hope for the best when it comes to finding the answers they need. This technology is attempting to take the uncertainty out of life.”

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