64F73420-A375-4289-AFE4-097320C83C83What is Pillistics?

Pillistics is the use of computer vision to evaluate the integrity of a pharmaceutical product in order to assess whether it is authentic or counterfeit, and the collection of aggregate visual surveillance data across products and markets to determine the source of counterfeit production.

How can Pillistics help the pharmaceutical industry and/or my company?

In 2015 smartphone users will exceed 2 Billion worldwide and are estimated to reach 50% of the world population by 2017. Smartphones now incorporate both high quality cameras and high speed Internet connectivity. Pillistics makes use of the scalability of this platform to capture the inherent visual indicators of authenticity from your products – without requiring specialized field equipment, product alteration, or production changes.

How does Pillistics differ from track and trace?

Track and trace is driven by regulatory requirements, focused on packaging, uses industry standard markings, differs by market, and normally requires specialized field equipment in order to differentiate authentic product. In contrast, Pillistics uses inherent characteristics of your production process and the small variations inherent in that process – within or across production facilities – to identify a product as authentic. Although covert changes can also be made to accentuate or increase the difficulty of counterfeiting a particular product.

Pillistics is complimentary to track and trace, as it is product focused and provides qualitative aggregate data that powers investigations into breakdowns in your supply chain.

What can be learned by deploying Pillistics across my product line?

Counterfeiters leave visual “fingerprints”. Profitable counterfeiters achieve a degree of scale in their production, leaving their fingerprints across their “product line”. Pillistics aggregate analysis can identify and cluster these fingerprints providing actionable intelligence to your team.

Do I need to alter production processes to implement Pillistics for my product?

No. Visual capture of the data needed to form a reliable visual model of your product is straightforward and can be completed quickly without any alteration of your production process. We will work to capture both historical data from retained product and prospective data from current lots in circulation.

How can I get started with Pillistics?

MedSnap’s team can work with you to provide historical analysis of counterfeit products already seized. Insights gained can be compared with ongoing investigative efforts to highlight the value of incorporating Pillistics into your anti-counterfeiting efforts.



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