MedSnap Verify Services

MedSnap Verify Services

MedSnap Verify Services is a precision counterfeit surveillance, supply chain security and production monitoring service.

Non-invasive to production

Needing only a MedSnap VR application, iPhone camera and Snap Surface, our mobile technology requires no manufacturing, packaging, or product changes.

Computer Vision Technology

Our proprietary computer vision technology raises the bar for anti-counterfeit technologies as it measures pills to within 0.1 mm, differentiates 244,000 shades of color, evaluates imprints and considers a total of 25 different aspects of appearance when authenticating a sample.

Visual pill fingerprinting

MedSnap models production output, determines variance across lots and facilities worldwide and provides robust analyses using a highly scalable platform that can be deployed widely to non-technical personnel.

Protects the pharmaceutical supply chain

Data gathered can identify relationships among counterfeit drugs, assist in investigations and identify possible internal and external threats or weaknesses throughout the supply chain.